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Is gaming chair worth it

Is gaming chair worth it? 

Many users today spend much of their time playing video games, either through computers or consoles, but Is buying gaming chair worth it? Gaming chairs are essential for gamers Many of them spend long hours not only for fun but also because they have found…

Is soundbar worth it

Is soundbar worth it? 

Perhaps until now, you have not considered the possibility of buying a soundbar for your home, because you think that the sound of your TV works perfectly. However, if you are one of those people who enjoy watching movies and series at home, it is…

Is OLED worth it

Is OLED worth it? 

LED, QLED, OLED the variations of acronyms in terms of the quality of the images of a current television are so many that getting it right is at least a lottery. But the reality is that there is only one technology capable of offering the…

are massage guns worth it

Are massage guns worth it? 

Have you experienced that annoying pain that we get when we train after having gone a long period without training? There are many ways to avoid it, although they require prior preparation and constant work, in addition, they do not have insured benefits. Many choose…

Is Nintendo switch worth it

Is Nintendo switch worth it? 

Nintendo Switch is the latest console from the Japanese company, which since 2017 has revolutionised the world of gaming with an innovative game system that allows it to be a desktop platform and a portable one with above-average performance has been well received around the…

Is 8K worth it

Is 8K worth it? 

Till a few years ago, the most expensive technology that existed was 4K, so TVs of this type were one of the most costly on the market. Today, although these are still in mass production by manufacturers, it has competition with 8K TVs has arrived….

Is 4K worth it

Is 4K worth it? 

Right now 4K is the standard for today’s TVs, but is high resolution superior to Full HD? Next, we will tell you Is 4K worth it and advantages over a Full HD. 4K vs Full HD: resolution isn’t everything First of all, we have to…